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LEARN ASTROLOGY WITH US The answer may be to try something unconventional. AUG 1: Moon Leo pm then void of course for rest of the day. Moon Vir trine Ura Tau pm. Moon Lib sext Ven Leo midnight.

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Aug 5 : We may feel overworked and underappreciated during the day. By late evening our spirits lift and we are feeling much lighter. Aug 6 : The energy today is focused and intense. A battle of wills could occur pm. A sense of humor and a positive outlook will help diffuse the tension. Aug 7 : This will be an inspiring and positive day. We might be feeling a little oversensitive in the morning, but that will be temporary. Deep feelings and strong intuition coupled with a practical approach will be good for planning and problem solving. Aug 8 : A generally happy energy day that brings an optimistic outlook and good relations with others.

Aug : Pleasant energy days that help us look at the positive side of life. Aug 11 : We could have an inner sense that our attention is shifting toward a new direction. A phase has been completed in one part of our life and a turning point has been reached in another. If we stop and tune into the energies, we may be able to see this more clearly. Moon Lib sext Mars pm. Sun Leo trine Jup Sag in orb — exact on Aug 7. Moon Scor sqr Sun and Ven Leo am. Moon Scor trine Merc Can am. Moon into Sag pm. Aug Jupiter Direct 14 Sag. Uranus Rx 7 Tau. Moon in Cap trine Ura Tau 10am -Noon.

Aug 12 : A good day to blend inspiration with practical matters. Time to take care of business. Aug : The Full Moon is building and we may sense that something is brewing. We could have good creative and positive ideas on Aug We may become focused on issues pertaining to relationships, women, children or families, either in our personal lives or in the outside world. A turning point regarding these matters will be reached at this time. Aug : Surprising news or a conversation with someone on Aug 16 may be shocking or upsetting, but also intriguing.

By Aug 17, we have begun to look at things more calmly and the energies settle down. Aug 18 : We will have a desire to start something new and add some excitement to our lives. Do something that is challenging and fun. Sun Leo conj Ven. Moon Pisc sext Ura Tau. Moon Pisc conj Nep and sext Plu Cap. Mars into Virgo pm.

AUG Moon in Aries. Aug 19 : We will feel energized and ready to go in the morning. Work and duties will claim our attention in the afternoon and we will feel good about our accomplishments by the end of the day. Aug 20 : The late afternoon and evening will be a good time for creative, romantic or social activities. Do something fun and expressive.

Let your Light shine. Aug 21 : The late morning hours could bring an unexpected change in plans, but we may appreciate the chance to do something unusual. Aug 22 : A good day to get things in order and do some practical planning. That is fine, but avoid a tendency to overthink and get worried or stressed. We may feel scattered today. Relax and have a nice cup of tea. It will all work out. Aug : Our focus turns to making improvements to the practical and earthy side of our lives — good health, security, order, stability and maintaining home and hearth.

We may feel like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. Ven into Vir. Moon conj Ura Tau Noon. AUG Sun into Vir am. Aug 26 : This is a good day to bring more love, enjoyment and excitement into our lives. Be spontaneous and open to the new and unusual. We may have a bit of a slowdown mid afternoon, but that will pass. The evening energies are peaceful and inspirational. Aug 27 : Our plans for the day could run into some delays in the morning. Rather than start something new, this day will be better suited to catching up on odds and ends.

We may feel an influx of energy in the evening and start planning activities for the next day. Aug : The energies over this two day period favor trying something new and different. This a good time to update and improve our lives. Let go of the old and embrace the new. We are likely to find this will be easier to do than we think and will be very happy with the resulting liberation and freedom it brings us.

We may be planning changes now that will be put into place at the New Moon on Aug This New Moon sets the stage for innovative and exciting changes that can improve our lives. We are updating our lives. It is time for innovative changes in our lives, whether it is utilizing new technology, making changes in our daily habits, changing the way we do our work or making changes in our health habits. Aug 31 — Sep 1 : We could see our personal dreams start to become reality in the physical world and will be feeling more optimistic about the future.

Moon Can opp Sat Cap pm. Moon Can trine Nep pm. Moon in Can void of course until pm. Moon enters Leo pm. AUG Merc into Vir am. Sun Vir trine Ura Ta. Aug New Moon 7 deg Vir, am. AUG Moon in Libra. Thanks for Reading and Have a Great Summer!! A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. Richard Bach. Struggles for power and control Saturn conjunct Pluto. The struggle for power and control in the US and throughout the world will continue as Saturn and Pluto move closer to their conjunction on January 12, This has been discussed in the last two newsletters and I will continue to write about it in the future.

This indicates spring and summer will be a period of karmic consequences , both in facing past actions and in taking actions that will have powerful consequences in the future. Some of us may notice this in our personal lives, but it will be most obvious in the outer world. The use and misuse of power- past, present and future — are likely to be central issues.

Traveling through a cloud Mercury Retrograde March 5 to In astrology, the planet Mercury is associated with the mind, the nervous system, speaking, learning, thinking, reasoning, memory, education, reading, information, communications, technology, transportation, travel, commerce activities, buying and selling. When Mercury is retrograde, we tend to get mentally distracted. It can be a serendipitous time too, when fun, surprising and exciting events happen.

Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

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Dec Moon Tau trine Pluto pm, sext Mars pm. We absorb everything, become flooded with emotion. Praise Jesus and His knowledge eh? Most of the time this is only mentioned when it can possibly cause a problem. During July, a series of oppositions from the Sun to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction make for difficult financial news, and you may struggle to make ends meet. Daily Horoscopes: October 4, APR 8: Moon in Taurus void of course.

Pisces is the area of our chart is where we are very imaginative, compassionate, spiritual and inspirational. This can lead to being ungrounded and disorganized. In other words, there should be plenty of things we need to tidy up in this part of our lives. In the process of clearing things up, we could rediscover some wonderful creative and spiritual parts of ourselves. We may also realize we have been operating under a misapprehension of the facts and that things are not what they seemed.

This could be one of those times. See dates below. The main reason I think we could experience such a strong Mercury retrograde time is because Mercury will conjunct Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, three times. Mercury conjunct Neptune can indicate a very inspirational, intuitive, spiritual, imaginative and creative time.

However, it can also be a period when we feel mentally scattered, fuzzy-headed or confused. This can result in misunderstandings or idealistically believing in something that is not what it seems to be. If possible, avoid starting negotiations or signing agreements during the entire month of March and until April In the meantime, enjoy the creative and spiritual side of this energy! Create up a storm. Explore spiritual subjects.

Get inspired. You are likely to always feel the Mercury retrograde periods because Mercury is your sun sign ruler. No matter what your sign is, take a positive approach and accept that you will need more patience and focus in your life during the retrograde period. Take this opportunity to clear out the clutter and refresh your life. Explore your creative and spiritual side. Surprising changes in areas that seemed stable Uranus in Taurus.

A long lasting and powerful energy shift will occur when Uranus enters the sign of Taurus on March 6, , where it will stay until April 25, Uranus briefly entered Taurus last year from May 15 to Nov 5, Something may have started then that will now develop and grow in Uranus is the planet of change and instability, Uranus shakes us up and wakes us up.

Taurus is a practical down-to-earth sign that values stability, security and resists change by digging in and refusing to budge. This suggests that over the next seven years, some things we thought were secure and solid will become unstable and go through surprising, sudden and disrupting changes.

The changes will occur in the areas ruled by Taurus: the economy, banks, investments, material possessions, natural resources, the land, food production and nature in general. Climate change and other changes in the earth may become extremely important over the next seven years. Taurus is known for its endurance and there is likely to be a determined resistance against whatever is changing. This could drag things out longer than necessary. However, Uranus will bring the changes whether we resist it or not. In fact, the more we resist, the more the Uranian disruptive energies will grow.

We will definitely see this reflected on the world stage over the next seven years. We will also be affected in our personal lives. The good news is we have the choice as to how we respond. We all have an area in our chart that is ruled by Taurus. This is an area of our life that is likely to be stable, reliable and consistent and that brings us a sense of security. It is time to make some changes in this area and we may not want to do this.

Think of it as an update and a chance to try something new. Whether we find this fairly easy or very challenging probably both over the next seven years will depend on our individual birth charts. It is not something to fear. Change is a natural process in life and making changes and trying something new can be liberating and revitalizing. Uranus is very likely to bring you some changes and surprises in if your birthday is:. If you know your chart, look for the house or houses that contain the sign of Taurus.

This is the area of your life that will be changing over the next seven years. These are the parts of you that will experience the biggest changes in Although the Uranus in Taurus energy will occur over a seven year period, we are not likely to notice it personally until it makes a transiting aspect to our birth chart.

When and how we will experience these changes depends on our individual birth charts. When this does occur, keep an open mind and consider updating your life. Be open to things that are unusual or daring. This is a crucial five year period in which we are being forced to face our current global circumstances and think about what we envision for the future.

In April and May , these issues are likely to be very obvious. This particularly concerns technology, science, space exploration, climate change, pollution, our oceans and other environmental concerns. What we do now is very important. We have a window of opportunity in which we can come up with positive actions, solutions and plans that will put us on a positive path for the future.

To fail to do this could have drastic consequences in the years ahead. This is our chance to make some changes while we still can. Since , we have had to face some of the negative consequences of the proliferation of, and our dependence upon, the cyber world and technology. We are becoming painfully aware of our vulnerability to cyber hacking, cyber bullying, identity theft, invasion of privacy, and the global threats to the electronic systems and stability of governments, the military, banks, businesses, power and water systems.

The Russian interference in the USA election and their continuing efforts is a perfect example. Accidents caused while texting or talking on our cell phones have greatly increased. We are dependent on our cell phones, computers, iPads, Kindles, the Internet, shopping online and all kinds of electronic devices and toys for children and adults. This dependence is now part of the fabric of our everyday life. There are many wonderful benefits to all this technology and positive potentials for the future. However, we now are beginning to see that being deeply embedded in a cyber world has many unexpected pitfalls.

As citizens of the earth, the decisions made and action taken during this five year period will affect each one of us, our children, our grandchildren and all those who follow us. The stakes are high and we can each do our part by paying attention and making our voices heard. Mar Mercury is almost standing still in the heavens as it prepares to go retrograde on Mar 5.

The Mercury Retrograde effects will be strong at this time. See information on Mercury retrograde in Overview above. Mar 1: There could be some unexpected changes that make it necessary to focus on practical and serious matters. Mar : The morning of Mar 2 could be unpredictable, but in general this three day period should be a good time for creative and social activities.

Go with the flow.

25th January 2020

Stay flexible and objective regarding relationships and social gatherings. Interactions with friends and like-minded people could be inspiring. Mar When you read the Mercury retrograde information in the Overview at the beginning of this newsletter, you may have wondered how Mercury retrograde in Pisces would affect you.

You should be able to gain some insights over this two day period. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces making the Pisces energies and this New Moon very powerful. Whether we realize something profound or just feel more confused or both , remains to be seen. Look around at the outer world and your own inner world and take note of what is happening and what you are feeling. Let things unfold during the retrograde phase March Mar We can come up with some inspiring ideas that are also practical at his time. Mar : The energies over the weekend could be a bit contentious and over assertive, yet we are also likely to be enthusiastic and full of ideas for the future.

Maybe we need to be a little more assertive than usual. We can use this energy to come up with a plan of action that is realistic and beneficial. Ven into Aquar am MDT. Moon Cap conj Sat and Plu in Cap. This entire week could be a positive and active time as long as we resist the temptation to go overboard or to promise more than we can realistically deliver. Mar This will be a positive start to the week and a good day to take action regarding plans that were started on Mar It would also be a beneficial time to be out in nature and commune with Mother Earth.

Mar : Communications are important right now and some big ideas may emerge. Mar : Double check information and communications over this two day period time. Avoid signing papers or agreements. We could overestimate our possibilities or make decisions without having enough information. Mar : Information may be revealed or clarified over the weekend that helps us feel focused and motivated. There could be a tendency to feel irritated or get involved in power struggles around pm MDT on Mar Think twice before engaging in an argument or taking unnecessary risks around that time.

Mar 17 is St. MAR Moon in Gemini. Sun Pisces conj Merc Rx Pisces. Moon Leo sqr Ura Tau pm. Mar 18 : There may be tensions or misunderstandings during the day which could make it challenging to reach agreements with others. Be patient. The general mood should improve by evening, when innovative and practical solutions can be reached. Mar : We can get a lot of things done in a realistic and competent way over this four day period. Mar 19 will be a good day to get our information and thoughts in order and then analyze the facts realistically.

Take the evening off and rest. Facing facts can be tiring. Spring begins in the northern hemisphere and Fall in the southern hemisphere. This full moon could bring some long standing issues to a climax and offer us a new perspective on the situation. By the end of the day on Mar , the awareness gained can result in a new understanding. The tide turns and a resolution or a goal can be achieved. Emotions may be intense, sudden and changeable from about 8 pm MDT. Relationships could be unpredictable. This would not be the best time for social events. It could be exciting, but not necessarily in a fun way.

Mar : Feelings run deep this weekend and we may be drawn to explore things that are mysterious and unknown. We could uncover something interesting. Psychic sensitivity is likely to extra strong, especially on Mar Take note of feelings, intuition, insights and dreams. They may not make sense at this time, but could be more meaningful around April MAR Moon Scor.

Mar 25 : This day has an optimistic and adventurous energy. We may feel like doing something daring and out of character. Think carefully before acting on that impulse. Getting carried away could lead to saying or doing something that backfires. Mercury retrograde will be active at this time. Mar : We may feel fuzzy-minded when we wake up or confused about something we hear during the early morning of Mar That should clear up by 8 am MDT. The afternoon of Mar 26 through the early evening of Mar 27 is likely to be enjoyable, exciting and fun.

This would be a good time for creative, social and romantic activities. However, make it an early evening on Mar By 9 pm MDT, we could be feeling tense or impatient. Mar : Mercury goes Direct on Mar 28 and will start to very slowly move forward over the next few days. This four day period could be prone to mix-ups. Stay alert. We could receive some insights on Mar 28 that lift our spirits that afternoon.

By evening we could have an unexpected dose of reality which could be surprising. We can get quite a bit accomplished during the day on Mar 29 if we focus on practical matters. The late evening could bring some emotional ups and downs. Mar : The general mood is inclined to be friendly, objective, innovative and progressive. We might feel a little reserved or uncomfortable the afternoon of Mar If so, you are probably being too hard on yourself; the feeling will pass and you will soon feel better.

This would be a good weekend to spend time with friends or like-minded groups. Scientific, technological and humanitarian subjects may be of interest to us and this would be a beneficial time to exchange and expand our knowledge about them. Ven into Pisces pm. Moon Sag conj Jup pm. Venus Pisces sext Ura Tau am. Moon Cap sqr Sun Aries pm. Moon Aquar sext Sun Aries pm. MAR Mars into Gemini am. Moon Aquar sext Jup Sag pm. Apr : Mercury is now direct and will conjunct Neptune in Pisces for the third time in the wee hours of Apr 2.

This four day period especially Apr 2 could be either enlightening or confusing, very possibly both. For more information, see Traveling through a cloud in overview at beginning of this newsletter. We should be feeling a little more focused and energized by the evening of Apr 3 and on Apr 4. This could help clarify whatever we have been thinking or hearing about since the week began. See Mercury. Something starts now that could result in quite a dust-up that will continue through Apr The energies are active and assertive.

The Saturn-Pluto power and control issues are strongly activated and we are very likely to see this reflected in outer world events. Positively, Aries has a lot of self-initiating power and can help us get started on making some changes in our lives. Apr : Things are calmer during the weekend, although there could be some disruption around am on Apr 6. A realistic and practical outlook will bring success. Doing something that has tangible results will be satisfying. Getting outside in nature would also be beneficial and enjoyable.

A yummy dinner followed by a backrub and a nice comfy nap would be splendid. Moon in Pisces Conj Nep and conj Merc pm. Attend to routine duties and get caught up, or better yet, take the day off and relax. The energies will start to feel more energetic by mid-afternoon. Apr : This is likely to be an intense four days. The Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn power struggles will be activated and evident out in the world. The good news is there will be some who will take a responsible, level-headed approach and be willing to listen. This could be a revealing time, both regarding what is going on out in the world and what is going on in our own inner world.

Apr 9 : Our loving, creative and imaginative side could be stimulated today. The contentious conditions that started at the New Moon last Friday See Apr 5 could sneak in and flare up in the afternoon. However, the evening could have a romantic and dreamy quality.

We may feel like escaping from our worries. We are apt to be very sensitive to alcohol, drugs or environmental conditions at this time and should be careful not to overdo. Apr Be careful when communicating in the morning.


Avoid the temptation to be over confident, overstate your information, or go overboard and promise more than you can deliver. As long as we stick to the facts, we will be fine. Apr : Conflict over who has power and control will be an issue. On Apr 12 , 8 am to 11 am MDT will be the best time to interact with others and we will need to be serious and responsible in our approach. Try to get what you need to get done by then. Noon to 3 pm will not be a good time for a lunch meeting unless you relish a fight. Emotions settle down a bit by late afternoon. Apr 13 will still be tense, but the flare-up over the past few days should be gone by the afternoon.

LEO Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

Apr 14 : This is likely to be a much needed fun and pleasant day. We are feeling more positive and optimistic about the future. This would be a good day to do spend time with friends and loved ones, go see a movie, go dancing or in some way do something joyful and playful.

Even if you end up just dancing around the living room in your nightgown. I know it always works for me.

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APR 8: Moon in Taurus void of course. Moon into Gemini pm MDT. Ven Pisces conj Nep and Semisqr Ura. Jupiter Sta RX at 24 Sag 11 am. Mercury Pisces sext Plu Cap. Ven Pisces sext Sat Cap am. Apr : We may find ourselves busy cleaning, organizing or helping out someone in need. This is a good time to get those proverbial ducks in a row. Apr : We will want to have harmony over these two days and will try to be friendly and pleasant to others.

Peace is restored by 9 pm. There is a sense that something is coming to an end at this time and something new and unknown is just around the corner. Apr : A shift of energy as the Sun moves out of fiery Aries and into the earthy sign of Taurus on Apr 20 while Venus moves out of gentle Pisces into independent and adventurous Aries. More indications that something new is coming. The energies for this Easter weekend look pleasant and enjoyable. Ven Pisces sqr Jup Sag pm. APR Moon Lib. Moon Scor opp Ura am. APR Sun into Tau am. Ven into Aries am. It could be quite surprising. These were discussed in the overview at beginning of this newsletter.

See: Surprising changes in areas we thought were stable, and Decisions and new visions regarding the future. Seems very appropriate since today is Earth Day. Apr 23 : The energies are both uplifting and practical in the late afternoon and evening. This would be a good time to come up with ideas and a plan of action on the things we were thinking about the day before. Apr : This could be an intense turning point of some sort.

Perhaps a turning back to reconsider or restructure something over the next several months. The Saturn-Pluto power and control issues in the world will very likely be capturing our attention at this point. Apr : We might be feeling tired, scattered or dispirited. This is not a good time to take action as we could act unwisely or for the wrong reasons. Avoid signing agreements or making big purchases. Keep all actions above board.

By Saturday afternoon we may be feeling somewhat better, but wait until Sunday afternoon for this energy to completely dissipate. Moon Sag Sqr Nep Pisces, pm. Moon Aquar trine Mars Gem pm. Apr 29 to May 3 : At this point we may realize that something we have been working on or thinking about since the end of January has reached a point where we need to go back and do some work before we can go any further. There could be a war of words out in the world. The Saturn-Pluto issues of power and control could be very heated at this time.

In our personal lives, we could realize that we need to do more research or editing, or fine tune our plans, or make a completely revised plan. The best approach is to be realistic, willing to face facts and do the work required to reach our goals. We are supposed to stop and re-evaluate at this time.

It gives us a chance to improve our plans. The re-evaluating and refining process will last until mid-September Pay attention to your intuition and your dreams the evening and night of May Write down your thoughts. These are the two poles the placement will swing between. Mars opposes Neptune and this becomes part of this full moon energy. Again, as Neptune is involved there are several directions this energy can go.

It can represent either compassion, creativity and spiritual pursuits, or it can be a negative, tiring and discouraging energy full of pitfalls, paranoia and self defeated thinking or substance abuse. Neptune transits can also reveal previously unknown information. Mars-Neptune is a potentially volatile transit in the world and Mars rules police action, violence, guns and war. This full moon is the companion to the last new moon in Virgo that fell on August That moon opposed Neptune and Neptune rules water, salt water specifically.

We saw the destruction of the Bahamas at that time due to hurricane Dorian.

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Supermoons are often associated with disastrous weather or earth related conditions. While this is not a supermoon we could once again see water related weather conditions, issues with oceans or people dealing with conditions left by hurricane Dorian. This moon also opposes Mars anger, activity, frustration, men and Venus.

With Venus the focus is typically on personal values, beauty and relationships. This Moon stands out in the US natal chart and there will be issues concerning foreign countries. Extreme ideologies can become issues front and center and confusion, lies and lack of clarity will abound in the population as this moon opposes Neptune in the US chart. Neptune rules oil and oil producing countries, and the 9th house also refers to law and the courts. Thursday, August 29, September Magic and madness! A stellium of planets in Virgo will dominate the September sky the first half of the month.

The fast moving planets, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in the sign that rules the sixth house of work and health. Virgo is the mutable and last sign of summer when the weather starts to change. Now is the time to enjoy what the earth has to offer in terms of gardening, landscaping, hiking and the likes as summer wraps up. It is always easier and more productive to go with the flow instead of working against it. Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health and is a practical and logical sign and takes a systematic approach to all things, being hyperaware of every detail.

Virgo is all about getting things exact and correct. Now is the time of the year to get your own house in order. When the fast moving planets go into Libra later this month things will change again. Virgo's planetary ruler is Mercury also Gemini's ruler. Virgo is naturally a perfectionist, and has the reputation of being critical. This is generally an attempt to keep things in order and running smoothly. But, with this many planets in Virgo things or people may seem to be more critical and demanding, or you could come across like this to others so watch your communication and interaction with others!

The September T-square. The Virgo planets will become part of a T-square that will last through mid-month. A T-square is an aspect that involves three planets at 90 degree angles and their energies become combined. A square is stressful. The significant planets are Jupiter expansion and Neptune illusion, delusion and confusion and the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will clash with these two.

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As each planet clashes in the t-square it will 'set off' the larger Jupiter-Neptune square that is in effect most of the year. Jupiter square Neptune is one of the 10 major planetary cycles. It creates confusion, unclarity and decisions or issues around faith or spirituality can come into play on the world stage.

For some, it can be a highly creative and compassionate period. There is magic in this transit but for some it will be fraught with confusion or lack of clarity. While some can prosper, it can also represent pie in the sky ideas and it is advisable to be careful about getting involved in anything that seems too good to be true. As the t-squares form look to experience low energy, confusion and all things will not be what they may seem. You could experience significant dreams or intuitive, creative or spiritual experiences, but for others it could seem defeating.

If so, don't take these feelings seriously as they will soon pass. This will bring relationships and money matters to the forefront. Venus-Jupiter is typically positive, but Venus-Neptune can indicate a lack of clarity in love, money or values. On the positive side, for some it seem like a magical day. We can expect problems with communication Neptune , unclarity or outright lies. Things may be blown out of proportion Jupiter and if they seem too good to be true they probably are.

We could see extreme water related weather conditions at this time and throughout this month. Egos may come into play and so can insecurity. Communication can be problematic, and the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. Action and communication may become confused and for some, the ego could take a hit. This transit can lead to frustrated and confused action. The other side is spiritual, compassionate or creative action and my advice is to go in this direction as it is the more positive use of the transit.

How these transits affect you depend on where Neptune, Jupiter and the sign Virgo are located in your personal chart. You will be affected to a greater degree if you have mutable planets Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces in your chart at degrees. The Sun enters Libra September 23, and this marks the Fall solstice first day of fall and we will have another stellium of planets in Libra as The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in this sign for the rest of the month.

Energy will change and our focus will be about relationships and partnerships and people may seem more agreeable. September 14, Mercury and Venus enter Libra. Look for the energy to shift now and people will be more accommodating as Venus is at home in Libra. Mercury-Venus transits are upbeat and positive.

Venus in Libra works well for Libra and all air signs and Libra often feels it's best. With the shift in energy we will start to move away from our focus on work and details and become more people and partnership oriented. The Sun enters Libra in the early morning hours of September 23, and fall officially begins and a new stellium of planet in Libra change the energies once again.

Saturn turns stationary direct September 18 , at 13 degrees of Capricorn. While retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our boundaries. Wherever transiting Saturn is located in your personal chart is where you need more work to avoid feeling limitation in some way.

When Saturn is retrograde it is typically the most difficult period of the transit and it retrogrades every year for about four months. Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas of our lives and even in the world. While Saturn was retrograde many problems were internalized that were cloudy and difficult to figure out, but now the problems will become clearer along with the solutions for change. Things will start to move forward on the world stage and in our lives.

Full Moon and New Moon. Pisces full moon. September's full moon, the last of the summer, falls on September , at 21 degrees of Pisces. Pisces is the most psychic and spiritual of signs, and rules the 12th house of endings so this full moon can relate to the finalization or end of many situations. It forms a t-square with Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun and Venus. We will be pulled in many different directions at this time. It opposes Mars frustration and anger and Venus money, relationships, values. This moon will be ultra sensitive.

As Pisces is ruled by Neptune we are dealing with the planet that dissolves boundaries. This is a perfect time for spiritual, psychic, creative or compassionate work. If however, you feel emotionally vulnerable this moon can confuse, torpedo confidence or you could feel like you are drifting. Addictions could prove to be problematic at this time. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the lord of the sea. Ocean tides run high and so do our internal tides.

Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, theater, creativity, spirituality, and the seamy side of life. It is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in different directions for a reason. Of significance on this moon is the t-square involving Mars-Neptune-Jupiter over the next few days. Confusion can abound on a transit like this, and certain things can be revealed at this time.

This will be a difficult transit in that it can be hard to get to the truth and all things may not be as they appear. Expect to see scandals in the world and water related weather situations. Mars-Neptune also rule gasses and chemicals. We could see police action or violence and events will not all be clear at this time. Use caution. New Moon in Libra. A new moon falls on September 28, at 5 degrees of Libra. Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, as well as courts and justice and it is here our interests will lie. This should be a positive moon as Venus sextiles Jupiter which is excellent for any kind of social activity, conversation, meeting or fun.

With this many planets in Libra, most people should feel amenable to others. Other significant days in September:. Israel today represents Born Again followers of Jesus Christ and 12, of each of the 12 tribes descended of Israel still in Diaspora. Amalek represents everyone at war with God ie followers of the Alternative Korahite Priesthood Ex ; this includes the Priestly caste in Israel. Philistine mitres are worn by a Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox Clergy. Pretty easy choice! Jesus is the real Melchisedek! What Century? British divided Pakistan and India along Muslim and Hindu lines forcing one of the largest mass migrations in history.

Jesus forgives Sins already committed, not Sins planned in advance. Guess what Scapegoat the Rabbis will sacrifice? Think Trump knows the role he is playing? Trump said he will be guided by the Saudis in his response to Iran, despite no proof Iran conducted the attack, new economic sanctions against Iran instituted.

The City of London Corp lays claim to every physical asset on Earth. Guess again! Time to choose! Everyone aligned with the House of Esau will have sold their soul as Esau did and aligned with the Rabbis False Messiah; all will be destroyed; the Satanic plan is to declare America the Phoenix of the New Age, destroyed to make way for the Golden Age of Saturn.

Jesus warned against calling any man Rabbi Mat Rabbis have been planning the fake Gog and Magog War and arrival of their Moshiach, the Messiah Jesus warned of in Jn for years. The Qedarites were in their hey day when the Belshazzar sent for the Chaldean soothsayers to read the Writing on the Wall in Babylon. And I said, A plumbline. The choice all of us will make is to stay on the porch of worship at the altar of the 3rd Temple; choose the porch!

Amen means Truth, Agreement or Confirm Support in scripture. The Divine Union is the union of Male-Female in one Androgynous being which is why the Tranny movement is so popular now. Rabbis all agree Gog and Magog is about to usher in the Messiah; all of them are lying! Vilna Gaon Year old Prophecy is coming true! The real Gog and Magog War is over years away. Obadiah says Edom is inside the gates of Israel and every last one of them will be destroyed by Jesus.

When Jesus arrives everyone will see Him. Ref Gen Zedekiah is the 44th and final King of Israel; Trump the 44th and likely final President of Amurru for the same reasons. Washington Monument? Sargon III will be Antichrist. Not likely. Iranian backed Shia Houthis claim responsibility for launching the massive attack by 20 Drones, 12 Cruise Missiles; Impossible. The attack was described as coming from the North and North-West ie from Israel. All sides want War. Why Iran? Sept Global Climate Strike.

Commercial Greenhouses raise Temperature and C02 levels; the condition in Pre-Flood years when lifespans approached years. Sept 22? Who is Us? Seeing Red Yet? We will. Friday 13th is unlucky because Jesus was Crucified on Good Friday the 13th.