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Today's Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

These decisions are yours, and yours alone to make. Since then, however, events have forced you to talk these over frankly and, in some cases, from the heart. What you learnt made you realise how unnecessary those fears were.

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While this made sense then, things have moved on. To the extent, in fact, you owe it to yourself to discuss these frankly and openly.

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Besides, others know more than you think. Finally, events are forcing these out in the open, enabling you to ask a few questions and, importantly, get a few answers.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

What you learn could be as much of a surprise as it is a relief. On the contrary, they often clear the air. However, certain individuals seem to approach every discussion as if it were a confrontation, which complicates matters and can be exhausting. Carefully choose a time, then discuss their aggressive manner. Changes, probably within a few days, could shift the focus to entirely different matters. However, the problem is as much about a lack of communication as it is the actual situation. Tempting as it is to talk things over, for the moment, say nothing.

Things are likely to work out, if at the last minute. The big question is how? Ironically, once you begin talking things over, the rest will be easy. The last thing you want to do is upset anybody. Yet your frustration with certain matters that are becoming more complicated by the day is nearing boiling point. Say exactly that to those whose indecisiveness is causing those problems. Discuss existing options and, even more, make a point of devising others.

With so much in transition, the line between circumstances that are unchanging and those that were once fixed but which are beginning to shift is increasingly unclear. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not only can you raise these, discussions are likely to be surprisingly uncomplicated. Now, however, you must win certain pivotal individuals over to this way of thinking.

Ironically, their attitude is far more flexible than yours. Raise and discuss these ideas. That will do the trick. The irony is, those individuals who somewhat intimidate you are no better informed than you are. Knowing that will change everything. Being a Libra, you avoid conflicts, although some born under your sign thrive on them.

State your case, then back off. That being the case, resist the temptation to battle issues now but, instead, focus on decluttering your thinking and your life. As much of a relief as it is that certain increasingly urgent issues are finally getting attention, the resulting discussions are endless. The problem is that you, as a quick-thinking fire sign, will express your views, swiftly and clearly. But others will take longer or, in certain cases, be unsure what to say.


At the moment, however, events seem to have taken that first, sudden, step on your behalf. Do as you normally would. Wait, watch and learn. Facts may be exactly that, facts. But with so much in transition, even seemingly solid arrangements are being rethought, if not subject to a top to bottom review.

Once those changes have taken place, life will be far less complicated than it has been.

The time has come to take a firm stance, if not be demanding. Forget about being sympathetic and take a firm stance. Your birthday chart underlines the importance not only of dealing with these, but with keeping more up to date with tedious issues of this nature. By no means are you stubborn.

Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, October 12222

Many of those born under the sign Cancer are conscious of the strong intuition that comes with being a water sign. If you sense something needs your attention, take action. However, with Mercury having just moved to accent these, and it being joined by tactful Venus, on Tuesday, frank discussions regarding issues could go amazingly smoothly. During much of August, you faced a range of obstacles. Some involved gathering crucial information, others standing up to certain difficult individuals.

Forget arguing but, instead, stand your ground firmly. The planet of action and confrontation, Mars, has moved into Libra for a six-week stay. However, with Mercury and the charming Venus both moving into Scorpio within a few days, that will change, and suddenly. However, with the foundation on which these are based shifting, and probably several times over the coming week or so, even seemingly solid plans will change, and change again. Once things are more settled, you can update your own plans. Obviously, new ideas and changes need to be discussed before they turn into reality.

But many are out of your hands, which means either battling arrangements you regard as unrealistic or simply waiting to see what happens. Opt for the latter. True, the Pisces Full Moon was three weeks ago. You needed to both gather facts and review the situation in depth. As a Libra, and a logical air sign, you long ago realised that as important as what you say and do may be, being prepared to take the initiative can be crucial.

While this change in attitude will be as sudden as it is unexpected, it will also be a huge relief. When you first raised questions about already tense issues, your intention was to encourage discussion. However, the resulting exchange of ideas swiftly descended into a clash of egos, including you. But events, early next week, will force them to adopt a more flexible approach. That should do the trick.

TAURUS: Reversed Devil

Ironically, that may be your best option. The fact is, certain matters need time and thought.

This slower pace will provide for that, and pleasure in the process as well. Sudden changes in plans are always annoying, especially when they demand you rethink existing arrangements. There is no wrong way to speak the truth, although in the past, certain individuals have criticised your way of raising any such issues. This is actually their strategy for avoiding the matters in question. Planning ahead may be a virtue. Judging by the current crop of twists and turns in circumstances, the more flexible both arrangements and your thinking are, the better.

Each is teaching you to be more direct, if not forthright. Sometimes obstacles are exactly that, difficulties to be overcome as swiftly and easily as possible. Recently, however, a few have left you with more questions than you have answers. While that may be true, you need the variety of insights they can offer. Explain the nature of your concerns, saying you value their insights but must make your own decisions. These particularly accent the variety of discussions necessary for an understanding to be achieved, which is in turn part of a far reaching plan. Things will come together, if at the last minute.

Few things disappoint you more than having to acknowledge that somebody simply has no intention of doing as they promised. The real issue is the individual in question is unreliable. Acknowledge that, and everything else will make sense. For now, focus on the latter. The rest can wait. Keep it that way. Yes, that means sidestepping discussions involving the matters in question. That will require tact but, still, is by far the best option. Better yet, what you learn now will prove handy when the need to make those changes arise, as is likely soon. As a Leo and a fire sign, you rarely suffer from the shy self-consciousness others do.

The more you get to know them, the more you will realise the depth of your compatibility. If this relationship is starting to feel one-sided, it probably is. Are you the only one giving, Libra? Understanding what you are truly worth will help you break free from an age-old pattern and reclaim your goddess status. Word for the wise: stay away from lending any money or resources this week.

Pluto ends its retrograde this week.

Time for some well-deserved fun, Gemini! October is one of your most playful and passionate months of the year as the Sun takes its annual. Vogue Weekly Career & Finance Horoscope for 30 September to Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope: September 30 – October 6,

But you can get to know them in an organic manner. Talking about shared interests is a good way to start off. Love and romance aside, you may develop a lasting friendship in the process. Embrace your sensual nature, Sagittarius. For some of you, this may be a time of exploring motherhood. The gods of fertility are smiling down at you. What others describe as loneliness, you think of as aloneness. A state of being at ease with oneself. A time of enjoying your own company to the fullest, irrespective of your relationship status. Self-exploration is on the cards this week. Some of you are also reconnecting with your spiritual side.

Is there a practice that makes you feel more grounded? Let meditation become a priority, Capricorn. A big, fat family reunion is on the cards. What you need to keep in mind in the midst of all the joy and celebration: that aunt from Canada might not resonate with your political opinions. Do you want to try to explain your point of view to somebody who is only interested in picking up a fight. Know when to disengage, Aquarius. On the upside, this may be a time of bringing bae home or getting to know their tribe.

With work taking centre stage this week, your personal life is likely to take a back seat. Make sure you let your loved ones know where you are in your journey to avoid any unrealistic expectations. On the upside, old friends could make a reappearance. Is this a 2. Only time will tell. Illustrations by Gauri Kumar. Cosmic tip: Give each other space and time to figure things out. Cosmic tip: A passionate love is on the cards. Cosmic tip: Self-exploration is on the cards. Cosmic tip: Know when to let go.

Cosmic tip: Share your hopes and dreams with the one.

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Cosmic tip: Give them a chance. Cosmic tip: Reclaim your goddess status. Cosmic tip: Explore this connection.